F&B Cold Storage Warehouse

Cold Store Warehouse for International Distribution

The client, belonging to F&B sector, wanted to increase its cold storage warehousing capacity by 50% to satisfy the continually rising demand from the Middle eastern and European markets. The objective was to design a cold-store warehouse for storage of meat and ice-cream with a combined total capacity of 12,000 MT.

Business Challenge

  • To supplement the in-house technical team with supply chain expertise, to design a warehouse which will help the Logistics team in performing at world class standards.
  • To identify the optimal mix of resources; human, mechanical and space, in different processes and map the flow patterns to complement the fast-paced-large-volume throughput nature of the warehouse.
  • To identify how to increase the storage capacity with the identified storage solution.
  • To make the processes and layout adaptable to WMS implementation.
  • To make the environment human-operation friendly in a highly MHE active cold-storage warehouse.

The values we added

  • We designed the inbound to happen from front and outbound from the rear end of the warehouse. This opened the Ante room from the rear end as well, which led to reduction in traffic. It reduced accidents, mixing of material and rate of floor deterioration.
  • We accommodated the empty pallets in the Ante room which earlier took substantial space in the staging area. This led to space availability for other critical processes.
  • We designed all the estate roads to suit the vehicular type and traffic patterns.
  • We designed refer charging points on the eve end of the warehouses, such that multiple refers can be charged well in advance to being docked for loading purposes.
  • We designed 2 mezzanines in both the staging areas. They are designed to accommodate corporate like office, prayer room, hygiene facilities, value added activities and welfare facilities for casuals.

Performance Improvement

  • Order fulfilment rate in terms of vehicles loaded and offloaded improved substantially.
  • The Dock-to-Stock & Pick-to-Dispatch TAT was reduced to target time.
  • Resource utilization; mechanical and human, improved considerably. Idle time was curbed to as minimal as possible.
  • Smooth inbound and outbound staging operations led to reduction in the dock occupation time and increase in vehicle turnovers.
  • The demarcation and allocation of necessary service corridors for MHE movement improved the MHE speed.

Words Of Appreciation

“Coign Consulting surely knows how to design an infrastructure keeping the process at its core. Their approach of involving all the stakeholders in the designing phase is very commendable and helps in bringing diverse views and ground realities to the forefront.
An excellent solution was conceptualized & designed by Coign Consulting which complemented the thought process of the decision makers as well as the process executioners. It was really enlightening to have them on board.”

Director - Logistics