Pharma Distribution Centre

Fulfillment Centre For Pharmaceutical, FMCG and Healthcare Products

This client of ours is a 24x7 Pharmaceutical, FMCG and Healthcare product distributer. They wanted to service to their own ever-growing number of outlets as well as to a large distribution network of Stockist and pharmacies through a large fulfilment center.

Business Challenge

  • Identification of ideal storage system which could optimally accommodate 24,000 SKUs in their respective volumes.
  • Identification of the ideal put away, storage and picking pedagogy of the SKUs such that they can be efficiently handled, at runtime.
  • Identification of optimal mix of human efforts, mechanisation and automation, to complement the fast-paced nature of the distribution centre.
  • To make the environment human friendly to churn out maximum productivity.
  • To accommodate existing processes and to envisage future processes in the pharmaceutical distribution and make space allocations and design provisions accordingly.
  • To seamlessly integrate the various material, human and equipment flows such that the intra-logistics layout complements the business at the time of peak season.

The values we added

  • We designed a scalable Multi-tier storage system with cold and ambient storage to maximum cube capacity utilization.
  • We studied and evaluated all the processes in order to make them mechanized / automated / human effort driven, from the point of view of feasibility, viability and most importantly – Necessity.
  • We created a resource requirement and utilization matrix to suggest the right equipment, in right numbers & combinations, for efficient warehouse operations at the peak times.
  • The executive staff was equipped with comfortable corporate-like office facilities with proper welfare, hygiene and safety standards.
  • We designed all the processes to be WMS / system integration friendly.
  • We ergonomically designed and allocated enough and dedicated spaces for all the warehouse operations.
  • We designed the complete automation, electrical, fire prevention, detection, safety and fighting design.

Performance Improvement

  • Order fulfillment rate improved substantially from current standards.
  • The Dock-to-Stock processing time was reduced to the target time.
  • The Consolidation and Packaging capacity was increased considerably to process more orders per day. The packing capacity per packer also enhanced due to the new packing station design.
  • There was considerable improvement in the ease of movement of man, material and equipment in the facility which lead to minimal or zilch possibilities of confusions and accidents.
  • The cube capacity utilisation of the warehouse also improved a lot.
  • The effort per resource per order pick was also reduced substantially due to an appropriate mix of human and mechanical effort in the pick-sort-consol solution.
  • The working environment conditions were also substantially improved in comparison to the previous operating go-down. The increased number of women workers in the system proves this.

Words Of Appreciation

“We found Coign Consulting to be extremely knowledgeable in the Logistics and Supply Chain sphere. Coign Consulting has a very straight forward way of functioning and they base their professional and technical advice on sound logic backed by numbers and experience. I would like to say that without Coign Consulting this project could not have been conceived in its existing state.”