Garment on Hanger Warehouse

Garment on Hanger Warehouse for Domestic & International distribution

The client is a contract logistics company providing warehousing solutions to companies in Garment on Hanger (GOH) Sector. The challenge was to receive, store and dispatch SKUs without creasing and in ready-to-sell condition.

Business Challenge

  • Identification of ideal storage system which will optimally accommodate the all SKUs in their respective volumes
  • Identification of the ideal put away, storage and picking pedagogy for the SKUs such that they can be most efficiently handled
  • Identification of optimal mix of human efforts, mechanisation and automation to complement the dynamic & fast-paced nature of the business
  • To seamlessly integrate the various material, human and equipment flows such that the intra-logistics layout complements the business at the time of peak season.

The values we added

  • We conducted a simulation to identify the right equipment for efficient movement and storage of SKUs.
  • We studied and evaluated all the processes in order to make them mechanized / automated / human effort driven, from the point of view of feasibility, viability and most importantly – Necessity.
  • We created a resource requirement and utilization matrix to suggest the right equipment, in right numbers & combinations, for efficient warehouse operations at the peak times.
  • The executive staff was equipped with comfortable corporate-like office facilities with proper hygiene and safety standard.
  • We completely designed the automation, electrical, fire prevention, detection, safety and fighting system.

Performance Improvement

  • Order fulfillment rate improved substantially from current standards.
  • The Dock-to-Stock processing time was reduced to the target time.
  • The introduction of industry specific storage system (GOH) and complementary equipment assisted the operators in faster and more efficient processing.
  • Due to reduced and proper handling the quality of condition of SKUs dispatched DTS (Direct-to-Store) also improved immensely. We were able to meet the client’s SLAs.
  • The cube capacity utilisation of the warehouse also improved a lot.
  • Formation of appropriate teams of varied equipment helped in minimizing, if not eliminating, the rate of equipment overwork.