eCommerce Fulfillment Centre

Mother Warehouse for an eCommerce company

This is a leading eCommerce company in the field of pre-natal and post-natal baby care and related products. They supply to a wide variety of entities, from owned retail outlets to various institutions and distribution partners. This warehouse caters to their South Indian market.

Business Challenge

  • Identification of ideal storage system mix which could optimally accommodate more than 2 lakhs SKUs in their respective volumes.
  • Identification of better and effective methods of picking, sorting, consolidation and dispatch to fast pace the order fulfilment rate.
  • Identification of optimal mix of human efforts, mechanisation and automation to complement the dynamic & fast-paced nature of the business.
  • To seamlessly integrate the various material, human and equipment flows such that the intra-logistics layout complements the business at the time of peak season.
  • To make the environment human friendly to churn out maximum productivity.

The values we added

  • We designed a scalable multi-tier storage system to utilize the maximum cube capacity of the distribution centre.
  • We studied and evaluated all the processes in order to make them mechanised / automated / human effort driven, from the point of view of feasibility, viability and most importantly – Necessity.
  • We ergonomically designed process trolleys and workstations.
  • We designed an end-to-end material storage/movement unit and scrap management system.
  • We designed all the solutions in a manner which concealed all major drawbacks of the rented facility.
  • We designed the complete electrical and fire detection, fighting, prevention and safety solutions.
  • The executive staff was equipped with corporate-like office facilities.

Performance Improvement

  • Order fulfilment rate improved substantially from current standards.
  • The Dock-to-Stock processing time was reduced to the target time.
  • The Consolidation and Packaging capacity was increased considerably to process more orders per day. The packing capacity per packer also enhanced due to the new packing station design.
  • The cube capacity utilisation of the warehouse also improved a lot.
  • The effort per resource per order pick was also reduced substantially due to an appropriate mix of human and mechanical effort in the pick-sort-consol solution.
  • All the solutions were designed to be scalable for any future system integration or capacity increment.

Words Of Appreciation

“When it comes to Coign Consulting, you can be rest assured that the intra warehouse layout design is completely integrated and synchronized with the various processes and automation systems.
We trust that the concept will prove to be a strong base for the huge number of transactions that are forecasted to take place at the Mother warehousing facility in Bengaluru.
I believe, if we are able to bring up this project as it has been conceptualized & designed by Coign Consulting, then this will be among the best facilities in the eCommerce field in India.”

Vice President – Operations