Chemical Storage Warehouse

Raw Material & Finished Goods Warehouse

The Client doubled the capacity at its production plant in Roha, Maharashtra for Indian, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan markets. It required the necessary infrastructural & functional support for storage and distribution of raw material, semi-finished and finished goods.

Business Challenge

  • To identify the ideal storage system which will optimally accommodate all the SKUs in their respective volumes.
  • To address the existing challenge of use of non-standard pallet and thus, the resultant challenges with regards to storage.
  • To identify the optimal mix of human labour and equipment to complement the fast-paced nature of the distribution centre, catering to state and national distribution requirements.
  • To make the processes adaptable to WMS implementation.
  • To identify ways to reduce power consumption and improve safety measures in the DC.

The values we added

  • Designed a complete mass receipt and fulfilment process for the Production plant, to and from the warehouse.
  • Conducted a simulation to identify and standardize a pallet(s) for efficient handling and storage of SKUs.
  • Recommended a resource requirement and utilisation matrix for efficient warehouse operations at times of peak.
  • Designed the warehouse to receive and dispatch material from three sides (The fourth side being the one with the scope of expansion) to service the forecasted throughput requirements.
  • Designed the infrastructure and the processes to adapt to any kind of system integration in future.
  • Conducted the entire process of Sourcing for the client. Our Tech-Commercial analysis and negotiating prowess empowered the client in buying the right equipment solution at the right price.

Performance Improvement

  • The Dock-to-Stock and dispatch Turn-Around-Time (TAT) was reduced considerably.
  • The staging areas became free of congestion and resultant bottlenecks.
  • Formation of appropriate teams of varied equipment helped in minimising, if not eliminating, the rate of equipment overwork. Thus, improving their respective performances.
  • Optimal storage capacity utilization was achieved
  • There was considerable improvement in the ease of movement of man, material and equipment in the facility which radically reduced the possibilities of confusions and accidents.
  • The expenses incurred on overall maintenance of the warehouse reduced considerably due to confinement and isolation of certain activities.

Words Of Appreciation

"Coign Consulting was appointed as principal consultant for designing our RM and FG warehouse. We acknowledge their in-depth understanding of warehouse operations process and its integration to the flows, equipment, infrastructure and systems. This has given us a best in class, built to suit facility leading to higher performance by improved productivity and efficiency. Their methodology and approach to the project is significantly appreciated"

Sr. Projects Manager – Engineering